Charis Bible Studies Online

Monday, Wednesday & Thursday from 8:00-9:00 PM EDT

God Followers Ministries is happy to announce:
Charis Bible Studies Online


God Followers Ministries is committed to providing the highest level of Interactive Discipleship Training available on the web.

group-videoBy leveraging internet technology, we would like to bring to our subscriber’s a complete array of teachings and webinars that are fresh and new each week. We will offer multiple days of lessons to make ourselves available to you and your busy schedule.

Our goal is to create a learning environment that will encourage interaction and build relationships that will last and network with one another on a regular basis. We encourage everyone to become a member of a local church and use these teachings to interact with other like-minded believers and become teachers yourself. Making Disciples and equipping the saints with resources to do the same.

video confrence

Allow this portal to be the gateway for Christian Discipleship and Fellowship that you will obtain knowledge and understanding and share with others.



Three easy steps to joining our meetings

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